What is Rosé Wine?

What is rosé exactly? Rosé is not a red or a white wine. It's a class of its own. Rosé can be made with any type of grapes. It's typically made with a mixture of grapes. Imagine the different combinations someone can come up with!
So how does a rosé wine get it's color? The color is derived from when the skin of the grapes touch the wine for a short time. If the winemaker wants a darker pink color, the winemaker just leaves the skin in the wine a little bit longer.
Rosé is typically known as a summer wine. But this does not mean it's only available in the summer nor that you can only drink in then. Rosé is one of the most versatile wines. Some are dry. Some may be sweet. You can pair this wine with almost any type of food. Unfortunately, rosé does not go well with desserts.
If you have a dry rosé, it's best paired with lighter dishes such as fish, grilled chicken or salads. If you have a sweet rosé, it's best paired with salty food or a heavier meal.
Here are a few appetizers to try with your rosé! You can make it feel like Summer all year long! Cheers!
Picture of Bruschetta - description of food
French onion dip - 
Chicken Salad -
Mexican Corn -