About Us

Thank you so much for visiting and shopping with us! We greatly appreciate it! Our goal is to bring you happiness with our fun, fashionable yet flattering clothing at an affordable price. Our company is created by women who want to inspire other women to feel confident and feel they can accomplish anything regardless of skin color, shape, or size! 
So where does the name Roses and Rosé come from? Let's start with roses. We love how the color of roses have different meanings. For instance, pink roses represent gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy.  Yellow symbolizes friendship. So depending on what we're feeling, it can be represented by the color of a rose. Let's face it, as females our feelings are constantly changing. It's perfect that there are so many colors of roses!
Now moving to Rosé. Rosé is alcohol. Do we need to say more?! Rosé is known to be a summer drink. Every time we take a sip, we are transported back to long, lazy summer days at the beach! Summer always brings a vibe of fun, adventure and excitement - a feeling we don't want to forget. To sum it up, Roses and Rosé is all about feelings and getting to know ourselves.
Join the journey and discover who you are and who you can become!
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support as we grow! We hope to bring you more joy and happiness!